Over the past 2 decades, GTJ has developed unique and highly refined systems to manage properties and services for clients based in the Great Lakes Region, across the United States, and abroad. GTJ has successfully utilized our vast knowledge and experience to develop systems that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients while maintaining simple, efficient and effective platforms. In the ever changing and increasing complex world of property preservation and maintenance, GTJ has remained committed to a simplistic approach that delivers high customer satisfaction through accountability, fast response, timely communication, high quality product and overall process transparency.

GTJ takes a proactive approach with the use of technology to improve efficiency, accuracy, flexibility and responsiveness for our clients. The GTJ Team stays on the cutting edge of technology with the use of Microsoft applications, online applications, trucks equipped with tracking systems and tablets, etc. However, the most effective management tool that GTJ offers is the custom designed, patent-pending, proprietary online ordering and tracking systems of GTJ Online and GTJ Admin. The GTJ online applications were first launched in 2004 and revolutionized the P & M industry by establishing a single source for all service orders, completed documentation and client/contractor communication. This model makes managing large inventories of properties and services seamless, transparent and efficient.


The GTJ Online platforms provide a single media for clients to place all work orders requests. The system is fully web based and is available 24-7-365. Once a work order is placed in GTJ Online, a highly trained member of the GTJ Operational Team takes over and handles the work order from start to finish. The work order system captures all service documentation and makes it available to the client at all times. Service documentation includes before and after, time and date stamped digital photos of all services, extensive service notes and forms (as requested), and invoicing. GTJ’s online platforms are proprietary and can be fully tailored to meet each client’s individual needs.

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