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Employment Application

GTJ Consulting, LLC is always looking for qualified and motivated individuals to join our Team. GTJ is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. GTJ celebrates diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. If you would like to be considered for employment at GTJ, please fill out and submit the following online Employee Application.

Note: This application is to become an employee at GTJ. If you are looking to become an Vendor with GTJ, please go to the Vendor Application

Applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, genetic factors, veteran status, disability, citizenship, height, weight, marital status, or any other factor prohibited by law. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing. Please direct any questions or concerns to


Hiring Veterans

GTJ welcomes veterans and honors their service. Learn more about how you can continue serving on your next mission at GTJ!


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Read Before Submitting

1. I understand this application will be considered current for 90 days and that this application will become part of my record if I am hired.

2. In consideration of any employment of me by your Company, I agree that my employment is at the will of the Company, which means that the Company has the right to discharge me or lay me off at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice. It is expressly agreed and understood that this is the entire agreement between the Company and myself on the subject of discharge, termination and/or layoff, and that this agreement may be changed only by an agreement in writing signed by the President of the Company and addressed SPECIFICALLY to me.

3. I further recognize that if employed by the Company, I agree, in partial consideration of my employment, to file a demand for arbitration to resolve any disputes arising from my employment, as required under Paragraph 9 below. I agree to file such demand within six (6) months after the claim arises or within the applicable statutory limitations period(s) provided by law, whichever occurs first.

4. I understand that any offer of employment made to me by the Company is contingent upon a favorable health evaluation which may include a physical examination (including drug screening) by a doctor selected by the Company. I hereby agree to complete a health evaluation form.

5. I have been given and read a separate Disclosure Notice and Authorization Regarding Consumer and Investigative Reports. I hereby authorize an investigation of my education, employment, driving, criminal and credit histories, including related statements contained in this application. Further, I authorize the Company to consult with, and receive and use information from, all third parties with whom or which I have been associated concerning those histories and/or any other aspect of my qualifications, or with any third parties who may have information bearing thereon. I hereby release all third parties who provide information to the Company, with or without notice to me, from any and all liability for providing information regarding my histories or qualifications to the Company or its agents. I hereby waive any and all notice(s) I would otherwise be entitled to receive by law in connection with reference checks. I further authorize the Company to forward to, and release the Company from all liability for forwarding, any other entity to which I may apply for employment, any information concerning me and/or my histories or qualifications as the Company has at the time of my application for employment or hereafter acquires.

6. I will hold in strictest confidence and will not disclose directly or indirectly to any unauthorized persons, without the Company's prior written permission, at any time during or subsequent to my employment, any knowledge not already available to the public, respecting the inventions or respecting designs, methods, systems, improvements, trade secrets, manufacturing techniques and processes, sales promotions and ideas, customer lists or other confidential matters of the Company.

7. I understand that if I have a disability I must timely tell the Company in writing of my need for an accommodation within 182 days after I know or reasonably should know that an accommodation is needed. I further understand failure to do so will prevent me from alleging a violation of the accommodation requirements otherwise imposed by law.

8. I certify that all information submitted by me in this application is true, complete and correct and understand that if any such information is found to be misrepresented, omitted or otherwise incorrect, it may result in discharge from employment.

9. ANY DISPUTE ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH ANY ASPECT OF MY APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT, MY EMPLOYMENT OR ANY TERMINATION THEREOF (INCLUDING BY WAY OF EXAMPLE BUT NOT LIMITATION, DISPUTES CONCERNING ALLEGED CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION OF ANY KIND INCLUDING ON THE BASIS OF ANY PROTECTED CATEGORY UNDER FEDERAL OR STATE LAW, RETALIATION, WRONGFUL DISCHARGE, ENTITLEMENT TO OVERTIME PAY, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, BREACH OF EXPRESS OR IMPLIED CONTRACT OR TORT), SHALL BE EXCLUSIVELY SUBJECT TO BINDING ARBITRATION BEFORE A SINGLE ARBITRATOR UNDER THE NATIONAL RULES FOR THE RESOLUTION OF EMPLOYMENT DISPUTES OF THE AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION ("AAA") , provided all substantive rights and remedies including any applicable damages provided under any pertinent statute(s) related to such claims, the right to representation by counsel, a neutral arbitrator, a reasonable opportunity for discovery, a fair arbitral hearing, a written arb itral award containing findings of facts and conclusions of law, and any other provision required by law, shall be available in the AAA forum. The AAA’s administrative fee and the arbitrator’s fees and expenses shall be paid by the Company to the extent required by the AAA rules applicable to non-negotiated employment contracts. Any decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding as to both parties, and enforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction. Nothing contained herein shall prohibit me from filing any claims or charges with any appropriate governmental agency. I UNDERSTAND THAT MY AGREEMENT HEREIN CONSTITUTES A WAIVER OF MY RIGHT TO ADJUDICATE CLAIMS AGAINST THE COMPANY AT TRIAL, IN COURT AND BEFORE A JURY, AND THAT I AM OPTING INSTEAD TO ARBITRATE ANY SUCH CLAIMS.

10. In the event that one or more provisions of this application are declared void, the balance of the provisions shall remain in force. Michigan law shall govern this application and, if hired, the terms of my employment.

11. If I become employed with the Company, I agree to abide by its policies and procedures as may be amended from time to time. Further, I agree to execute other agreements required by the Company, consistent with the Company’s business objectives.

Applicant Acknowledgement of Review

By clicking yes below I hereby acknowledge that I have read the above statements, understand same, and certify as true and accurate all information I have provided herein. I further understand that any false or inaccurate information provided by me on this application may result in my rejection as an applicant or my termination from employment.

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