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GTJ Technology

Since the early days of GTJ, we have placed a tremendous emphasis on technology and management systems. GTJ has developed unique and highly refined systems to manage large inventories of properties for our clients based in the Great Lakes Region, across the United States, and abroad. GTJ has been successful with utilizing our vast knowledge and experience to develop systems that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients while maintaining simple, efficient, and effective platforms. In the ever changing and increasing complex world of property maintenance, GTJ has remained committed to a simplistic approach that delivers high customer satisfaction through accountability, fast response, timely communication, high quality product and overall process transparency.

In order to effectively manage large inventories of properties and bulk service requests on behalf of our diversified clients, GTJ has developed and launched several proprietary platforms over the last 16 years. These platforms include GTJOnline in 2004, GTJAdmin in 2004, GTJInspections in 2018, and GTJMobile in 2019. All GTJ’s platforms are proprietary and were custom designed by our software developers to follow GTJ’s unique business vision. The system is fully web based and is available 24-7-365. Please take a moment to review the following information highlighting GTJ’s efforts and technological advancements over the last two decades.

GTJAdmin was initially launched in 2004 and quickly revolutionized GTJ and the entire industry. GTJAdmin was built as GTJ’s first online work order management system and established a single source for all service orders, completion documentation and client/contractor communication. GTJAdmin made managing large inventories of properties seamless, transparent, and efficient. Over the last 16 years this platform has been the backbone of the success of GTJ. To date, the system has managed nearly 1.5 million work orders and securely houses over 350 million records. Simply put, GTJAdmin has been a reliable work horse for many years.

In 2004, GTJ launched its first public facing website, GTJOnline. The intent of GTJOnline has always been to provide GTJ online presence for the general public as well as a establish a informational conduit for our business partners. Over the years, GTJOnline has evolved and in 2017, GTJ fully redesigned and relaunched the site. During this redesign, GTJ improved the look and feel as well as dramatically increased the functionality of the website. The intent was to modernize the site, make it work functional and drive additional resources and traffic through the site. Site improvements included redesigned client registrations and quote requests, employee applications, vendor applications, contact us and feedback sections. Additionally, GTJOnline now contains a robust service menu and project portfolio highlighting some of GTJ’s finest projects

Lastly, and most importantly, GTJ added the GTJ Docs Portal to GTJOnline. The Docs Portal contains a plethora of essential business documents for all user types including GTJ internal users, Client users and Vendor users. Please see below for a snapshot of the various tile options contained within the Docs Portal. Users now have universal access to essential business items including contact lists, field service guides, reports, insurance certs, pricing lists, etc.

In 2018, GTJ took a giant step forward with the development and launch of its newest platform, GTJInspections. This new platform paralleled GTJAdmin and was custom designed to facilitate high volume property inspection services. Most importantly, GTJInspections was designed to be a fully mobile based technology. At the basic level, this new platform allowed inspection services to be completed by the inspector in the field with results sent instantly, from the property, to GTJ for immediate review and processing. This platform was an instant success and marked a turning point for GTJ. It was at that time that GTJ Management decided to take this new technology and build a new mobile based platform to replace GTJAdmin and carry GTJ into the future.

In 2019, GTJ completed the initial development and launch of our latest and greatest platform, GTJMobile. GTJMobile combines the full-service work order functionality of GTJAdmin and the mobile based technology of GTJInspections to produce the most advanced, efficient, and effective platform in the industry today. GTJMobile is a fully integrated work order management system designed to facilitate GTJ’s day to day operations. The platform is fully customizable and allows GTJ to tailor critical system elements to client program specifics. GTJMobile is designed with the client in mind and provides a unique and flexible approach to property management and maintenance. GTJMobile is fully transparent and allows all business partners to oversee each task from start to finish and upon completion of service provides extensive reporting capabilities. Clients have lauded GTJMobile’s detailed service reports and data reporting capacity

In addition to the work order management enhancements, GTJMobile utilizes GTJ’s custom designed Progressive Web Application (“PWA”). For GTJ, the PWA is the Field App

that drives the completion of tasks in the field. Each task is custom designed in GTJMobile to facilitate the microlevel details as required by our clients and ensures each element of the task is properly completed and documented in the field. Once a task is completed by the service crew in the field, they simply sync their device and the task completion data is immediately transmitted to GTJ and the GTJMobile work order platform. Overall, the transition of tasking to GTJMobile has dramatically increased the consistency and quality of service documentation (including photos) while also significantly  decreasing the processing and notification timelines. In short, everything in GTJMobile happens in relative real time. This represents a huge improvement and upgrade for GTJ and our clients.

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