National Property Preservation Coverage
Every year thousands of properties are destroyed because of frozen or broken pipes. Whether a property is not winterized correctly or not winterized at all, the damage is both expensive and time consuming to repair. Often times discoloration or mold develops from the moisture requiring extraction and/or remediation. The cost of this type of damage can run into the tenís of thousands of dollars. Is it worth it? Absolutely not. That is why we recommend you contact GTJ Consulting, LLC ("GTJ") today for all of your winterization needs.

GTJ has a long track record of winterizing properties properly and inexpensively. Whether a property is on a well system or city water, has a boiler or gas forced air furnace, GTJ has successfully winterized every type of water distribution system. We take great pride in making sure each winterization is completed correctly. Our procedure is simple and effective. All water supplies (meter, pump, etc) are disconnected and properly drained. We install a cap on the main supply line in order to prevent dripping to prevent future problems. After the water is turned off, we drain the water heater, blow out all of the lines with air compressors and pour anti-freeze in all drains to prevent freeze damage. Each property is tagged with stickers and warning signs are posted to clearly identify that the property has been winterized. Lastly, each commode is taped shut in order to keep people from using them without water.

Each property is thoroughly inspected for plumbing leaks during the winterization so you will know what issues, if any are present. If there are issues, we have the capability to make any plumbing repairs necessary. When properties are taken into inventory after the temperatures dip below freezing, GTJ has the technology to thaw the pipes and save you substantial time and money.

How many times have you ordered a de-winterization only to find out that there is plumbing damage? When you hire GTJ you can be certain that there will be no surprises. We have the experience and knowledge that provides you with peace of mind. You will no longer have to worry about your inventory freezing up or your pipes bursting when you choose GTJ.