National Property Preservation Coverage
How many times have you seen a damaged door that had to be replaced because a service company was in a hurry or did not know what they were doing? How about broken windows that a company broke out to gain access for a re-key? Have you ever visited a property only to find out that the locks have not been changed yet? Nothing is more frustrating, and yet nothing is more unnecessary. When you hire GTJ, you guarantee yourself prompt, professional service every time.

GTJ is committed to completing your re-keys in 24 hours. We understand how important it is to gain access to a property right away and not have to worry about it staying secure. With GTJ, you receive top notch service and top of the line locks. We don’t use cheap locks that break when a key is turned or that break off when a door is closed. When you hire GTJ, you hire the best. We believe that communication is the key to every service, and with GTJ Online you will never be in the dark again.

GTJ Online is our state of the art, patent pending online ordering and tracking system. Created and in use since 2005, GTJ Online has revolutionized the property preservation industry. When you order a lock change, you are notified when the order is processed and again upon completion. No more wondering if you can gain access to your listing. You are provided with access to all of our findings from the property. This includes utility status, overall property condition and notification of any emergency or hazardous situations present at the property. Best of all, you are only a click away from viewing the photos taken while we were there. GTJ Online also allows you to search through your history of orders and view the notes and photos from any property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our warehouse is fully stocked with keys and locks from all of the major REO companies so there will be no delays when you place an order for a lock change. If you have your own desired key code or even if you want a random key that nobody else has access to, GTJ can fill your needs no matter who you are working with. We also carry numeric and alpha lock boxes and can place them on your property to any code you need. All you have to do is fill in the desired code in the online work order and we will make it happen.

Through the years, we have developed relationships with countless sheriff’s offices, bailiffs and attorneys making GTJ the easy choice when it comes to scheduling an eviction. Have a cash for keys to take care of? GTJ will meet you on-site to secure the property the minute possession is restored. Don’t take a chance on an occupant or squatter moving right back in when you leave. Hire GTJ, and have a worry free day.