National Property Preservation Coverage
Flooded basements, broken windows, leaking roofs, fallen trees. In the fast paced world of REO, it is essential to have a company available to handle any situation at a moments notice. That company is GTJ. Equipped with 24 hour response capabilities and constant access to GTJ Online, GTJ is capable of handling any emergency day or night. Time and time again, we have proven that when you choose GTJ, you are choosing the best. There is no emergency that GTJ can not handle. We take great pride in the fastest response time in the business while keeping costs to a minimum. Emergency services include, but are not limited to the following:
Re-securing and board ups: There is nothing more important to maintaining and preserving your assets than ensuring the property is secure at all times. Unfortunately, there are many criminals on the streets who actively prey on vacant properties. GTJ understands that re-securing vandalized properties is an emergency situation that demands immediate and professional response. Slow response time often leads to additional damages and opportunities for vandals. Hire GTJ to stand in their way and protect your property! In addition to securing and boarding, our service techs are trained to assess vandalism damages and can provide the detailed photos and information that many clients require.
HVAC repairs: In harsh climates one of the most common emergencies arise from a non-functional furnace. Lack of heat can cause extensive damages including frozen plumbing, broken windows and stress cracks that can amount to thousands of dollars in damages in a short period of time. Utilize GTJ and our extensive network of licensed and insured HVAC contractors to ensure your furnace issues are addressed by professionals in a timely and cost effective manner.
Water extraction: Flood damages, failed sumps, active plumbing leaks and roof leaks are all typical damages that can destroy a property in no time if not addressed quickly. We understand the urgency related to water damages and strive to provide the fastest response time in the business. Equipped with all the latest water extraction equipment available, there is no project that we can not handle. Extraction work includes pump outs, sump pump replacement, saturated carpet removal, professional drying and more. The bottom line is when you have an emergency, call GTJ. We are also equipped to handle any necessary follow up extraction, remediation and mitigation projects. Please refer to GTJ Environmental for further details.
Roof repairs and tarp service: Few emergency situations can be as persistent and damaging as leaking roofs. If left untouched roof leaks can cause extensive damages to drywall, insulation and flooring. As with any water problems time is of the essence with roof leaks. We are able to quickly determine if a roof can be repaired or if the situation is past repair and tarp installation is the most cost effective option. In all cases our goal is to stop the leaks and prevent further damages as soon as possible in the most cost effective manor.
Hazard abatement: While sitting vacant, many REO properties experience vandalism and theft. This often leads to hazardous situations that expose clients to unwanted liability. These situations include but are not limited to the following: exposed/bare electrical wiring, open gas lines, open water lines, exposed trip hazards, missing handrails, etc. GTJ has the equipment, knowledge and technical experience to address any hazardous situation and relieve you and your clients of costly liability. Do not expose yourself to a law suit, get GTJ to keep your properties safe and worry free!