National Property Preservation Coverage
Have you ever pulled up to a new property assignment and been overwhelmed by the amount of debris present? Have you ever walked into a new property and been immediately turned away by a distressing smell or odor? Have you ever wanted to turn away a listing because the conditions of the property were too disgusting? Here at GTJ no job is too big, no project too difficult, and no situation is unbearable. GTJ can handle of your debris removal needs.

At GTJ we take tremendous pride in restoring properties to a marketable condition that will maximize your client's investment while maintaining unmatched professionalism and visibility. It is our belief that a good trash out and initial cleaning can literally sell a house quicker and at higher value. Give us an opportunity and you will not be disappointed! GTJ has extensive experience with all types of evictions, lockouts and squatter situations. We are able to provide moving crews of all sizes and coordinate lockouts with local bailiffs and court officers. We also offer post eviction clean up services to avoid blight and city citations.

It is GTJ Policy that all of our crews wear full uniforms that proudly display the GTJ logo. In addition, each member of our team wears photo identification and all of our vehicles are numbered and clearly identify our company. It is easy to see how people in street clothes driving unmarked pick up trucks removing items from vacant properties can cause reason for concern. With the current economic and real estate climate, we have demonstrated that being as visible as possible in the communities we service eliminates problems.

Since our inception, GTJ has trashed out tens of thousands of properties and removed and disposed of millions of tons of debris. We have partnered with landfills, transfer stations and recycling centers throughout the country to ensure all debris we transport is properly disposed of. We pride ourselves on using the most environmentally conscious methods available.

Recycling and collecting re-usable goods including clothing, furniture and non-perishable food items became the inspiration for the GTJ Foundation. Born out of a desire to help those that need it most, this non-profit organization was formed by GTJ in 2008.

To find more information or to make a donation, please follow visit the GTJ Foundation's website